June 25, 2010

Do YOu Want a Bag?

I'm all for saving a bag when one can. I have often been everything-from-amused-to-zapfed at how many plastic bags the grocery uses to wrap up a set of groceries - one item per bag it sometimes seems. If I'm going straight to the car with one book or one item, I'll often say, "Save the bag." But I'm increasingly annoyed at the question, "Do you want a bag?" when it is obvious a bag will be the only considerate and useful way to wrap up a sale of 5 or 6 or more separate and mismatched items, rather than assuming the customer wants to balance them in her arms for a trip to the car or more shopping. YES! OF COURSE I WANT A BAG!" Otherwise, one item may drop along the way, you see - like the most expensive item in my most recent trip to Michaels, where I succumbed to the guilt of a bag and heroically said, No, I'm going right to the car. It seems my most expensive letter stencil set - the one I had to use a coupon for since it was in the high-2-digits pricewise, never made it there. Very, very annoying.

So...yes...I want a bag. Don't even ask me. I'll tell you if you can forget the bag. Don't ask me. Give me the bag. I'll try to remember next time to bring the canvas bag in like a good girl, but until then - give me the bag.

I feel better. I think.

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