December 5, 2016

A po-em for you

Today's stash ready for their bags of goodies and mailing envelopes. 

What might Alice have seen in the gardens of Wonderland?
What were the strange, unique, frilly or grand?
Well, a dozen are here for two oh one seven
Do not imagine they are not real. Eleven
of them, though maybe rare, are definitely actual.
Botanically accurate? Specifically factual?
You jest. 
I took artistic license, I confess.
And, what would any Wonderland tea party be
without some unreality?
Yes, one pigment of my imagination.
Can you guess which one? 

(Oh, yes there will be a test.)

In case you missed earlier post, you can find information at the website:  This year's collection is "Gardens of Wonderland."  Flowers that look imaginary but are, indeed, real. Well...mostly. My calendars are prints of original artwork and/or enhanced photos I have taken, combined with digital backgrounds.


1 comment

Karen Rohlwing said...

Mine is on the way...can't wait to see the artistic "license" you took in Wonderland!

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