December 25, 2016

Another Christmas Day unbelievably almost over. All day I have meant to mosey on over to this keyboard to wish all who enter in a joyous and memorable day. Pesky things kept me from completing this adventurous goal; you know, opening up lovely presents from husband, family, and friends. And having a fine and traditional breakfast including bacon crisped up to its perfect spot, AND walking the neighborhood (we have the best street in Tehaleh and a view of the mountain, so there), AND getting into some new books, AND having another fine and festive dinner meal so, you know, things like that.

Mt. Rainer looms over the neighborhood
..our street twinkles,  yes it does. 

That's one red chair in there!

But here in the perfectly wintry but not icy cold Puget Sound, it has not yet reached midnight, so I can still qualify this as a holiday wish, for whatever holiday you celebrate. I hope this finds you well and content and filled with joy on this day that comes around so fast and goes away faster still.

Bob and I are blessed and we are so thankful to have health, family, and friends, 
and a country we love, despite its potholes, pranks, and pitfalls. 
More than ever we all will need to work extra hard in the year ahead to
speak in friendly tones, practice our values, be an informed reader and listener
of events and news from trusted sources, 
and hold on tight to optimism and hope but
stay ever aware and thoughtful and assertive. Let us not take
anything for granted and let the past serve up wisdom 
for a challenging future and
a test of our strength for a country we all hold dear. 


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