November 28, 2016

The 2017 calendar is ready to ship!

Information is over at the website and at my Etsy shop which you can also access from the website. I had fun with flowers again this year...ones that look imaginary but actually exist!  Well, sort of. Mostly. Artistic license taken.

Pardon me if I crow, but with our move and my overseas trip happening in  September and October, it was looking pretty dim for getting this year's calendar out. I had some of the art started for another project, and that's good, because my original plan just didn't come together. I finished all the artwork, then decided to test my skills with digital backgrounds, picking up the manual again and reviewing my downloaded classes. I think I have been learning Photoshop since the Earth was new, but like my French, I am definitely at the Struggle Level. Well, maybe I achieved Struggle Plus. But I also learned how to set up shop at my website where I can take orders directly, and so I am ready ready ready! On to things on my list that have been neglected. You don't want to know.

 I am reading Michael Connelly's new book, The Wrong Side of Good-bye. I though his last one was the best (The Crossing), but this one even beats it. With my schedule lately, I don't get around to picking it up until bedtime but it's so good, I spend another hour reading it when I should be getting more sleep, darn it. Harry Bosch, my hero. Connelly is a so dang good at realistic dialogue, believable characters, and penetrable plots. Like so many of us, I think he's getting better as he gets older. (Eye rolling allowed.) Highly recommended.

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