June 22, 2016

Ever since I was five...

It's been five years since my last Last Day of School, but, ever the teacher, I think of those special days in this way:

Ever since I was five
(a long time already to be alive),
the happiest importantest day of all
was not the colorful first day of fall
as awesome and glorious as that can be.
Nor was the day of gifts under the tree,
though certainly pleasant...
the red green mood, the brightly wrapped present...
And Fourth of July would line up for sure
in a list of favorite events to occur,
one would think, its redbluewhitelong
warm firecracker day, a contender strong.
Not birthday day with birthday balloon.
No, the winner was always day in June:
But the Junemoonswoon means nothing to me.
and I never intended a June bride to be.
June, instead, whether grown-up or five
has the very best day to be alive.
Because, whether the day be warm or cool,
It's the playful day AFTER the last day of school!

To all my teacher friends, far and near,
May upcoming summer days be your best of the year!


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