June 12, 2016

"...strive to live artfully..."

From the graduation speech by Jessye Norman and Oberlin College:

"I remind you, dear graduates, with all that is before you, that you decide to strive to live artfully. It is simpler than you think and is not to be left only to those classmates of yours who have chosen the arts and humanities as their fields of study and proficiency.

You see, art brings us together as a family because it is an individual expression of universal human experience. It comes from that part of us that is without fear, prejudice, malice or any of the other things that we create in order to separate ourselves one from the other. Art makes each of us whole by insisting that we use all of our sense, our heads and our hearts, that we express with our bodies, our voices, our hands, as well as with our minds."

With that in mind, here are a few photos of a magnificent mosaic wall along a walk path in Santa Rosa, California, where we were guests at a very lovely wedding and shared good times with old and dear friends.


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