July 16, 2016

Missing in action

Yes, that's me. All my projects - the MegaZine (nearly finished), the calendar, the blog, the journals....all by the wayside for a few weeks while we move from here...

oh i do love this home...there will be tears.

to here...
...and still room for One Red Chair Studio.

Anyone who has ever moved from a  home they have lived in at some length (for us, 20 years), knows what a (coining a phrase here)...YUUUGE endeavor it is. More so, if you are moving a large studio space. It is sucking all the other time I have for those things mentioned above (and a few other of life's pleasures as well). We are happy about our move but oh so busy. I will return. Soon. Don't give up on me. On the Diagonal MegaZine coming and new calendar or two in late fall. And  France trip on the schedule in October.

I am very aware that my life is blessed and I am drinking in every day, whether it is filled with the hassles of life or not. I am thinking about the pain felt by so many right now in a world filled with anxiety, violence, and uncertainty. I hope the world can find a way out of the mess we humans are making right now.

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