July 20, 2015

Walking Jordaan

My first walk in Amsterdam took me through arty Jordaan on a gorgeous day. Loved finding the "Gevelstenen"...artistic plaques on building fronts that served as early "house numbers" or advertised the trade within. 

Oh I have been busy with teeny things that grow into big things. Lots of hours on the phone with Apple support (and can't say enough about the quality of their support, which is awesome...) trying to work magic with Photos and iPhoto (which no longer really exists) and how to keep my photos from being EVERYWHERE in DUPLICATE but not being able to find ONE special one in all that that prints and that "events" no longer exist, unless you want them to, but they are really "albums" quite surpassing the albums formerly known as "albums"....And moving files to the new desktop Mac without migrating them (who wants to move all the junk that accumulates on a computer after awhile, huh?!) ... Well, you get the idea. Also sewing up a little apron for my friend Carol's charity event, and tweaking the page above which took a whole lot more time than I meant it to.

Also, our temperature  yesterday matched a record high 95. Yuk, too hot. But today is cooler and quite nice and the rest of the week should be typical beautiful Pacific NW summertime days.

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Joanne Huffman said...

How funny that they won't post Jordaan! As always, I love your journal.

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