July 1, 2015

All things arts

I was going to wait to post these gems until I got another page from the travel journal complete and posted but it's taking a long time to get it right. I'm in my extra fussy mood.  Soon.

Meanwhile, I have been collecting these to share with you. All Things Arts.


Supakitch and Koralie: a collaboration giant size that will amuse and amaze you. I can't imagine the time and patience and attention to detail this took. Not in a triple lifetime could I pull this off.
I found this on Doodlers Anonymous.


I love this artist! Some of her comments:
"though it looks collaged it is all oil paint, even the words and letters."
"i never know what i'm going to do. I like not knowing...because I actually like being afraid...because it allows me to follow any path I want...I can paint over things never any possibility of making a mistake..."
"art making is a kind of self-making who we are, where we are, and how we're oriented in the universe. Not knowing, I'll find something out.?


Go here to see glimpses of how Sophie Mumm uses seeds to make fascinating art. Her workshops are in Australia. Too bad. I would have fun at this one. She has inspired me to try a few ideas. Stay tuned.


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