July 20, 2015

Walking Jordaan - a little video go with my last post. It must be evident by now how much I enjoyed those first few hours after arrival in Amsterdam. Hubby needed a nap after our long flight and long day, but I tend to be wired and raring to go in the same circumstance. What I noticed was all the art...public art, street art, children's work, sculptural memorials, fascinating architecture, new favorite thing: gevelstenen. I did some research to find out  about the many plaques built into the homes and buildings, some with incredible detail, all indicating they've been around a long time. I took many pictures and started an image collection of them. It seems I only touched the surface, as I found out here.  These plaques were used as house numbers of sorts before a system of numbering started. Or they were advertising boards for the business within. They are so much fun! You'll see several in the video. Thinking I might like to make a little book of drawings and paintings of them. Okay, put it on my list.


Joanne Huffman said...

You have definitely piqued my desire to travel. Such a delightful array of images!

Lori said...

Beautifully captured and presented! Love your eye for art!

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