April 30, 2015

Ready to cruise down a river or two or three...

This week I finished and sent off 7 travel journals for the seven other couples Bob and I will river cruise with pretty soon. The eight couples (from 4 different states!) will cruise together on the Viking longship from Amsterdam to Budapest. Several will spend extra days before or after in various places, but the book I made focuses on the 15 days of the cruise itself, 

I used the deconstructed journal format Jill Berry talks about in her video and in whose retreat workshop I participated, taught in Jill's place very ably by Caitlin Dundon.

 To make it my own, I added pockets lots of pockets, personalized stickers and tags, a little envelope with more crap ephemera and a "kit bag" with a sharpie, permanent tape (currently all pages are in with removal adhesive tape so that pages can be taken out while on the trip, then reattached afterward more permanently.

Usually, when I am needing to do more than 1 or 2 of the same of something, I get bored by the time I am at the 3rd one. Really intensively bored and hating it by the 5th one. This time, I enjoyed it all the way through and gave myself the time to do the extra things with variety. (Variety is the spice, you know, especially for this earthling.)Each one is unique but similar to the others, so it kept me interested. I loved having the opportunity to use some stamps, rubbings, and doo-dads (see above paragraph ha ha).

Tyvek is a girl's best friend.


Karen Rohlwing said...

It will be a treasured keepsake for you all! Very amaze me!

Phyllis said...

You are a gift to your friends, as well as this extraordinary keepsake.

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