April 23, 2015

A couple of updates and another shameless plug

First, at the risk of being a  nuisance, let me post this article that was in the Seattle Times today about the wonderful Boys in the Boat, which, if you haven't read still, please do yourself the favor. Human spirit, persistence, and all that good stuff.

Next, I recently posted a notice and video of the upcoming Sketchbook Project tour, pleading to my friends in LA to put their dates on the calendar. Now, the whole year's schedule is available, and oohboy, they are coming to Seattle again. Whoo  hoo!  And it's the last tour, so saddle up and check it out!  I absolutely promise on my Sapphire and  tonic, you won't be disappointed.

Here's the full schedule:

And here's another plug for my own entry called Hometown Journeys submitted in 2013,

which I would love for you to look at.  Because I did some fold-outs, not all of the pages scanned very well, but I hope you get the idea. You can instead view the separate pages on the Flickr link in the  right column or here.

It was hard to give up the real thing which represented a whole lot of time and work, but I visited a slew of new places and loved the challenge of integrating my photos and my own drawings.


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Laurel said...

That article made me go and buy that book. I love a good non-fiction book. (Well, any good book really - but a true story just gets me, biographies, travel narratives, etc.) Thanks for the recommendation! I'm looking forward to reading it.

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