March 1, 2014

Out of the garage….

Surprise! That big blue tub is loaded with everything I needed. 

For those unfamiliar with it, that yellow thing is the Gocco printer. 

...and into the studio. After a pleasant lunch with Claire this week, I dug out my Gocco printer. It seems that we both are lapsed Print Gocco fans.  Actually, she authored a book about the Gocco screen printer many years back that I have (somewhere!).  Lo and behold, except for needing new batteries, it was ready to go. I had working flash bulbs, several screens, lots of block printing ink (even pastels, good grief), and I found it was like riding a bicycle. A few nudges from the translated directions, thank goodness since everything else is in  Japanese, and off I went. Grabbed a quick carved image and word stamp, took a good black-and-white copy, and away I went.  Think I'll keep it out awhile, It's really a clever little printing tool.

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Anonymous said...

Go Gocco!

Claire Russell

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