August 10, 2013

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

I started drawing a daisy this week. It was my assignment and I always do my  homework. Krista Peel in Carla Sonheim's Summer Camp series asked us to draw first 3 flowers or 3 versions. So I did. The same flower but with different tools and views. Then it grew right before my eyes. I didn't plan the layout; if I had I might have planned better. But I like it anyway. Mostly because I got to spotlight my little girl bud vase, an exceptional yard sale find. Oh, and these are the last of the daisies from my previous post. Three lingered on so I could posterity-ize them. But they were spectacular this  year. Just like our summer. 

Oh, and, in that post, I said this: I have noticed that real daisies look like doodle daisies. Every attempt to make them look realistic came out looking like the happy doodles they really are. I stand corrected. 


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Don Insley said...

I like your work, Diane. Our summer weather has been nice and mild here too.

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