April 10, 2012

Whistler a happy tune

Spending a few days in Whistler, Canada, a first-time destination. Left the girls at home with their loving sitters set to drop by. They didn't want to appear too anxious for us to leave, but secretly I know, like it was when I was 13 and got a few hours in charge, they could hardly wait for us to finish packing and get outta town.

I love Canada. I love Vancouver especially, but we've never ventured north of it, not being skiers. We've taken advantage of a groupony stay at a resort in Whistler, and, it was a luscious drive. As a bonus, the route takes us through the (shopping) heart of Vancouver and makes me yearn for time to linger. I shall drive  up again just for the day, soon. I also saw more restaurants in a square couple of miles than I may have ever seen anywhere, including NYC. Yikes.

 We stopped for lunch in the cutest dang cafe
where we had this view

but I digress. All of the views are magnificent up here. One better than the last. I took a slew of photos, but actually none of them do justice to the real thing. Take my word for it.

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