February 14, 2009

Unraveling my art

I said I'd never want to be in Arizona in the summer (I hate the heat!), but here I am signing up for Art Unraveled in PHoenix. It's summer vacation from teaching, I've got friends in the area, and I couldn't resist the line-up they have this year. Sending in registration today, a few days after registration opened - we'll see if I get my heart's desires with artists Judy Wise, Tracy Batista, Jacqueline Sullivan, and some others. Probably won't do Portland Art and Soul then - there's only so much money and time around until I win the lottery.

I'm finding it harder and harder to devote time to the stuff (and stuff and more stuff) of public school teaching and want to spend my moments on art or reading or thinking about art. The economy has changed my plans, but I'm grateful for the job right now and that I have enough extra money (well, not really extra, but I tell myself so) to do some fun things.

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