February 18, 2009

A Muse on "Flesh"

Watercolor Portrait class:

In Molly's portrait class tonight, once I got there, I painted a portrait from a picture of an African-American musician. Still working on it but discovered I LOVE painting the colors of their skin. Lots of exciting possibilities. Did you know that there used to be a crayon = sort of light peachy colored - called "Flesh?" We've come a long way even if we're not there yet. I do miss "raw umber" though.

This is a definite work in progress I hope to finish this weekend. And pardon me, I didn't "see" that his one eye is "glaringly" needing work! I tried to be much looser and splashier with colors: alizarin crimson, quin gold, and phalo blue for his skin. This was great fun for me, and there's work to do!

It was, however, another GPS tragic story, another night of getting lost in a neighborhood this time with a brand new GPS that didn't help me because I forgot to put the antenna up on it. That's about six times, 3 different ones, when I really needed it, and for one reason or another, it and I didn't marry well. I'm usually not such an doofus and I generally have a great directional sense, but get me in one of those winding Seattle neighborhoods, whose names are 145th NE and NW 65th and NE 62nd St and 62nd Place SE and...well, I'm a mess. I actually had to get out the Thomas Guide. All because I went a different way than usual tonight. Gutsy broad.

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