February 19, 2009

That's life in the big city

Today, I wanted to leave town.
Spend a week in the country.
Take books, art, iPod.
Get away, far away from everything.
Veg out.
Not wear make-up.
Be unproductive.
Everything lately seems so complicated.

Final straw to a complicated day, in a hurry to get started on my 22mile commute after a meeting after a long day anyway. Tried to give ARCO $30 cash in their machine. It took the $20, thankyouverymuch, spit out the old $10. Fussy, fussy. By the time I retrieved another from my purse, machine closed out. Well, I really wanted to fill the tank so I wouldn't have to go to the gas station again so soon - I hate getting gas. (Yes, I do miss full service. Did you know it is ILLEGAL to pump your own gas in Oregon?). Went into the ampm24hourconveniencestore there to the new owners (?) behind the counter who spoke a different language and are new to mine. It took 10 more minutes just to get through the conversation (No, I paid with a bill, not debit. No, I haven't gotten the gas yet, so I don't get 1.67 in change. Number six. Yes, I would like to add this $10 bill. Number six. May I have a receipt. Number six.) I was nice and polite, because it's hard for them, too, and we're all tired, but still - something that should have taken 3 minutes took 15. Life is very complex.

I know I'd have a limited patience for doing nothing - I figure about a week, maybe two (and, actually, doing "nothing" would last a day or two at the most: I'd have to have the books, magazines, paints, sketchbooks, too, to work their magic.) But right now I do so want to sit on a beach or in a mountain cabin or in a lovely farmhouse and sketch and read and not look at piles and piles of papers to correct - boy, am I tired of that! - budgets to work out, oh blahblahblahyou know it all because everybody knows and it's the same for everybody.

On a brighter side,I found some new sketchers today and will add them to my favorites list on the blogroll. Tommy Kane, Zooman.

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