May 1, 2017

Where I take part in Independent Bookstore day...

by finding these two gems at Elliott Bay Books. I bought one, borrowed the other to test-drive it but love the wonderful and varied artwork in it so much, I will add it to my illustrated books collection. This book may have been shelved in children's picture books collection, but I would put it in the  For Anybody book collection, wouldn't you? 'Course, that's where I believe the beautifully (or otherwise specially) illustrated "children's" books should be.

I have linked the books to where you can purchase them from two of my favorite independent bookstores, Elliott Bay Books and Third Place Books, both in Seattle and area. I intend to continue to do so. Keep them in business, folks.

Radioactive, a biography of Marie Curie, illustrated in mixed media

A Field Guide to Redheads. Just Plain Fun. 


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