May 25, 2017

New batch of books

This love story, which I JUST bought me and every word is true:

and these:

High Noon, just completed, the story of the Hollywood Blacklist and the making of the Western classic - (pretty interesting if a bit long. I especially liked the gossipy parts (Hedda Hopper was a bitch).

Some Luck, Jane Smiley.  Just started, the first of what will be a trilogy, each chapter is a year in time of a family, which intrigues me. I'm liking it so far and have enjoyed this author's previous works.

American Boy, Larry Watson. This was the winner of my Shelf Random Pick that I described previously. I loved Montana 1948 by this author, which is the reason I bought this one several  years ago and kept it through my move. I haven't started it yet but am staying true to my Random Pick project. 

Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge. I read the first chapter in the bookstore and it called to me. I haven't gone beyond it yet mostly because I needed to read the book for book club, Did You Ever Have a Family, by Bill Clegg. Which I HIGHLY recommend. Good writing, good story, interesting characters, tied together in a unique way. I really loved this book. 


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