August 19, 2016

" I don't understand how people get bored. It's a complete mystery to me. How is it even possible when there are so many things you can do to amuse yourself? I have a million and one projects on the go that I can dip into when I have nothing else to do. My problem is those projects too often get shelved because I never have nothing else to do. "

from a blog post by Andrea Joseph. (Who, by the way, I have spoken of often here and who you should get to know if you don't. An amazing illustrator.)

Let's just say...

I concur. 

I have two large and full project drawers for creative projects already packed away for the upcoming move. And this....

...which has no relation to the studio or artwork. Among the items therein: a book about the kings and queens of England, Ancient Rome and Greece, and the geography of far-off countries, all of which I suck at, And I always have a pile, much less several bookcases full of, books to read. And articles clipped from media to read in the john or on long road trips. And there's always the French to learn. And the travel journals to finish. Yes, I too fail to see how one can get bored. Well, there was this one day sometime ago in hot Nebraska....


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