February 28, 2016

Art surrounds us.

Posting a few reminders that, indeed,  art surrounds us,  from our long weekend in Vancouver, where Canadians are expressing amusement, bewilderment, and concern about American politics as it is unfolding. Enough said.

On our way out of town we sampled the Main Street shopping area, where we had not been in previous trips. My favorite from our limited-time survey was Collage, a quirky little store that offers classes for kids and a very playful attitude. More on it later.

4Cats is a small art store that also offers plenty of classes for all ages, and I liked their window messages!

A few more quick and untouched snaps from Vancouver. Can't post to Instagram from my phone in Canada so saved a few up. Do be sure to scroll to the bottom for the best of it all. Then I hope you'll head on over to the latest (Lately-Hardly-Ever-) Daily Amazing with apologies for the hiatus but a truckload of Amazings ready to share. Really!

art surrounds
art surrounds

The pièce_de_résistance of the weekend were these wonderful fellows. I stayed and drew and relished their whimsy. I am going to post more about these later. They are wonderful.


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