August 3, 2015


my really favorite flower. 
sunflower: an awesome flower and my favorite
rose begonia: truly, my favorite flower.
tulip: my absolute favorite flower. 
dahlia: my regal favorite

A combination of a watercolor and some digital playing around on Elements and PicMonkey.
#5 in Flowers Through the Calendar series.



Claudia said...

I bet you have better luck with hydrangeas up there than we have here... I love them but I just can't get them to grow properly. Love what you've done with them!

Don Insley said...

Pat just had 4 hydrangeas in a planter in our backyard and I must say they add a lot to our landscaping. They are a strange plant in that you can force them to change the color of their blooms by adding something to the soil (which we have done). My favorite plant is the diplidanea (sp?). They have very pretty pink blooms, bloom all year round and the blossoms contrast very nicely with the deep green leaves. We have 14 of them in our backyard. Back to the point, your art is very nice and I think this watercolor is one of my favorites.

Joanne Huffman said...


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