October 18, 2011

Revisiting Red Chair Admiration Society

I am weeding through my email, especially my huge Everyday Matters mailbox. The place reeks talent, which is why I set it aside until I have time to enjoy the work that's posted. Time to list 5 favorites I found or renewed acquaintance with in this endeavor. Certainly didn't take me long to find them, but it may take me all day to complete my task! (Don't really have time for it, but it's a great procrastination tool.)

Margaret Storer-Roche. I found her last month and posted a slideshow of her work. Really beautiful detailed lovely pieces.

Anita Davies has been on my blogroll for quite awhile but every once in awhile when I need inspiration to get my paints and pens out and do more, I look at her work. She is my drawing/painting hero. My latest ohmangottaseethis is her Prep Travel Journal for an upcoming trip to Italy. Having been to some of the places she will go, it especially inspires me to go back to my photos and try to turn them into paintings. Before my first trip to Europe, I spent many hours putting a journal together for each place we would see, but mine was filled with photos, travel forum bits, and advice. I loved doing this; it extended the journey even more and raised the anticipation. Anita's goes much further; she has painted from Flickr photos and other sources (she gives credit to the photographers) and illustrates her itineraries, travel bags, and places she wants to see. She will have such a great time; not only is it Italy, after all, but she will know what she wants to see and do and undoubtedly be ready for surprises to draw and remember.


Note: Assuming her actual trip travel journal would have the same awesomeness, I searched it out. Anita didn't get to take this trip after all this graphical and amazing preparation! Her father became ill and undestandably she did not want to leave. She sent this sketchbook of her preparation  to the Sketchbook Project where it will live and be admired by many others.  I hope she'll be able to get ti Italy sometime soon!
Another traveler/sketcher (though the drawings are hardly sketches but well-detailed drawings) who visually documents travel experiences with talent that can only be described delicious candy for the eyes. Terry Banderas's site is "A collection of art for the world to see."

Wendy Shortland's Flickr Photostream (The Digital Fridge Door) has some cool Everyday Matters contributions.

 Debra Morris lives in Hong Kong and her sketches and EM pages are reflections of her environment. Not only because of her talent, but also because of the subjects of her watercolors, is she on my ever-growing Admiration List.

gotta stop. more later.

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