October 19, 2011

Journal making

Getting my journal ready for its trip to Chicago. I started with some pretty pages I made with LK's technique (acrylic pages that don't stick thanks to serious scraping) but decided I'm more in a funky Remains of the Day mood. I have boxes o' STUFF that need attention, so this way I can add some of that STUFF with abandon and still have places to put receipts, cards, photos and writing. I think.

Here's where I'm at now...hope to get it all together by the time I go tomorrow, though I have many other items on my list. Including hemming some pants.  I hate hemming.  I buy "short" when I can but I still usually hem. I'm not tall but I'm not short either. Who do they make these pants for????

P.S. LK Ludwig teaches the acrylic page technique in a free online "Flip Flap Book" class that the link will send you to. It's also in Creative Wildfire. Remains of the Day is an online class that the amazing Mary Ann Moss teachers. I've journaled for years and have kept journals of all kinds (I get bored easily) but these two techniques are favorites of mine. (The women AND the techniques.)

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