August 2, 2011

Great idea run amok

Sitting on the deck we noted that the siding looked weary on that side. Hmmm ... Why? Called in a handyman when it was clear that something needed to be done. Never had heard of moisture ants ever before. Funny how little critters can ruin a budget -not to mention a studio room. So after spending July organizing the studio in preparation for the rest of my life ( or at least the next few months) and being very smug about it, the whole outside wall is being redone, windows and doors out and the room upended to move it all aside. After the initial shock, I've calmed down, thinking about all the people who have been suffering Real Angst. Nothing like perspective and sunlight to make one feel much better.

Oh, the pictures are blurry because they are seen through my weepy eyes :)


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