February 16, 2010

Not your plain old envelope

When I was last in Paris a couple of years ago I came upon a postal museum I just loved and enjoyed so much. A digital wall of postal history with plenty of cool graphics, videos, no matter that it was in French, it was so visual I got it all. Room after room of postage pizzaz. Mail art abounded. And in the bookstore, was a book I wanted - but it was near the end of the trip, I'd already spent too much, and it was heavy and I was already worried about the $50.00 limit, so I passed. It was an entire book on mail art and envelopes that had been collected over the years. Zowie, it was fun. I wrote down the publisher and authors and today, when going through my Europe memories (a diversionary tactic to keep me from doing what I should be) I found those notes. I searched for them on the web and voila! they have a whole site with samples of mail art all over the place - pages and pages. I translated the site, but really wouldn't have had to. Couldn't find the book, but that's okay. I'm glad I know about the site. Check it out if you love mail art!  Pierre and Stephane Proust
P.S. If you're traveling to Paris soon, it's the Musée de La Poste in the 15th arrondisement, 34 boulevard de Vaugirard. It's really cool!

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