February 15, 2010

I just found One Mile from Home - a daily sketch of scenes within one mile from the home of the artist, Julie Oakley. Last entry, for the last day, is her starting point - a cool colored sketch of her home.

From her blog, linked above:  In April 2006 I set the challenge ‘Walk a minimum of one mile from home. Record where you’ve been with a drawing, sculpture, photo or painting and then walk back. Every day for a year.’ To my great delightAlison and Penny in Australia (amongst others who eventually dropped by the wayside) joined me. Each day our lives touched at our daily posts, sometimes observing the same things and sometimes showing each other the uniqueness of our own environments.

Update  2013:  Be sure to catch her sketchblog in full. She has an active blog for her work other than this project. 

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