December 19, 2009

Tribute to Wayne Thiebaud

My 5th grade class is working collaboratively on a tech/literacy/art all-year project with a 3rd grade "buddy class." The first artist we've looked at is pop artist, Wayne Thiebaud, who paints those delicious cakes and pies and everyday items. Being no fools, when we planned this event, we figured we'd do it around the holidays, so we could get a buddy party of "Wayne Thiebaud cupcakes" and maybe have a few --ahem - extras around afterward. (I'll take chocolate, please.)

The cakes were painted in watercolor. I brought some of my lesser expensive tube paints for the kids to use, since those cake pans at school have so little pigment in them. The kids mostly used them like tempera or acrylic, though - and there wasn't much time to give them lots of practice in "the light watercolor touch." But they did get the idea. As for the cupcakes, a lot of kids really took time to pick a design they liked and we had some thrilling!! cupcakes. I am "the queen" of my classroom and never let them forget it. Michael make an extra one for me. I've trained them well.

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