December 30, 2009

Remains of the Day

Have you heard of this online class? I came across it with some linking around the other day, found that Teesha Moore had taken it, went to her site, read about it a bit, and found Mary Ann Moss's exciting, colorful, and witty blog, Dispatch from LA. She holds a few online classes that have lots of videos, instructions, discussion and humor. I couldn't resist, so I signed on. The journal I'll end up with uses no liquid adhesives, gessos, gels, but lots of scraps and stitches. The travel journals are very fun. This is not for the carefully organized, clean and pristine journalers, so I'll fit right in. Measuring and straightening have never been my strong points. Neither do I do well with detail work - although I admire and love Teesha's pages - who couldn't - I don't have the patience to do the beautiful detailing she does. Wacky and wild, though, I can manage. It might take me longer once school starts, but I'll enjoy this one - this woman is hysterical and creative!

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