October 12, 2008

It's been a long time

but not because I haven't been thinking about it. I wish I wish. BUT, I did the summer traveling to Italy, Paris, so. California...and totally redoing the art studio. Then I ran out of time to actually do some art.

Returned from a long weekend at Art and Soul in Portland which has rejuvenated me to the extent that I spent some time on my visual journal, although I should have been grading the hugest pile of papers you ever saw and deciding what to do in the classroom tomorrow. The way the economy is tanking, I may not get to studio "full time" for a few years - not next year as I hoped. That, and the dismal drowning of the Cubs in the playoff could bring me down for sure - except we have two new lovely ladies, 1- and 2- year old kitties named Rose and Ziggy. Since we had to put Wrigley to sleep in mid-September, we were needing some tiny things around our house, which had gotten way too empty.

Hope to have some things from Art & Soul up soon and to keep up better. To all the 5 people who even know I'm here ! (It's okay...not ready for prime time.)

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