March 10, 2008

Is there an EDM Challenge for Best Medicine?

I'm intrigued by Cathy Johnson's scheduled online video workshop for on-the-go journaling. I have admired her work, both in and out of her books, and, though I have journaled visually for years, I find I don't do mobile journaling as much as I think I want to when I start out. I bring it with me, of course, but never find enough space, energy, time, solitude, right temperature, blah blah to actually complete the task. The best I usually do are some quick sketches, mostly of people. So I'm still looking for the magic, so I can feel that lugging my art things around is worth it (I HAVE learned to minify, but then always want what I don't have with me, it seems!) Anyway, I may do this. My techie gene loves the concept of online.

I stayed home today with the biggest awfullest toothache I've had in years. Having recently had a dental checkup, I can't imagine what the problem is, but I knew I couldn't teach today. Why do I feel like I am playing hooky, though? Midwestern Guilt.

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