March 9, 2008

#129. Draw people doing something

While traveling with my husband, I was able to set aside nearly a whole day to linger at a bookstore while nobody waited for me to "finish." THAT, my friends (uh, oh, there's a phrase we'll hear for awhile...) is a supreme treat for me. While I waited for one of my top ten favorite places, The Tattered Cover in Denver, to open, I sat at Starbucks and watched people in conversation, reading the paper, or biding their time like me. This was a quick sketch with another favorite tool - a Rotring Artpen with watersoluble brown ink - another trick I learned from Molly. I love the feel of the pen and like to write with it, too. It's not cheap, and I seem to misplace at least one at a time - I have two, one with black and one with brown - despite my best efforts.

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