July 7, 2017

There would be no butterflies

Although I am double posting for a small while, I invite you visit the blog at the new website. This blog will no longer be current by the end of this month. There is opportunity to resubscribe to blog posts over there.  You can get there with either of these two addresses: or Please do come join me at my new home! I am still "moving the furniture" through the month of July; watch it grow!


My intention to post every day this month got sidetracked yesterday, a full day of planting and our neighborhood regular Pour @ 4, always a welcome 90 minutes. But that's okay...I forgave myself around noon when I could see the writing on the wall. I planted lots of things that are supposed to attract butterflies - dahlias, foxglove, Bishop's Hat, Echibeckia - HAH! bet you didn't know that last one, unless you're an avid gardener. My botanical vocabulary has skyrocketed this week. 
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