March 14, 2016

It's MOO-vin' along! Here's a preview.

I am making progress on the MegaZine that I told you about here. My ready date is mid-May. I'd love it if you'd look at the preview I put together and welcome any comments.  My plan is to create quarterly issues and sell them on Etsy and on the web site. There will be options for print and digital formats. Lots of details to work out but I am excited about it and over the halfway mark. I'm running this preview now to give a heads-up, then will probably remove it until it gets closer to publish date. Feedback and interest from you is most appreciated; I really mean that. You can comment below or email me separately.

I have added a page on the website to get on the mailing list. The list will be used for letting you know the magazine is ready and a discount code if  you order. If I get a newsletter out before then, I will also send you that if you are on the mailing list.  Otherwise, that mailing list stays safely tucked in the studio, under the cat on the red chair.

Here's the video. Or you can watch it on YouTube here. Thanks for watching!

1 comment

Barry Balmat said...

Hi Diane,

Looks like fun. Add me to your mailing list.


P.S. Hope spring has started for you. It's a gorgeous, sunny, 74 degree day here.

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