October 11, 2015

Holy Crop!

Not my original title for this unique artistry....

Photo from Minneapolis Institute of Art 

Indeed, I must give credit to the article here which I found through Quipsologies here. (It's not called a web for nothin', folks.) The article explains how this artist planted (pun intended) his art in the middle of a field. Pretty dang spectacular, if you ask moi.

Here's a video of crop artist, Stan Herd,  explaining his project, Van Gogh's "Olive Trees,"  funded by the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The field was chosen for its location near the airport, camera-ready to departing and visiting travelers from the air.

Stan Herd, Of Us and Art: The 100 Videos Project, Episode 30 from Minneapolis Institute of Art on Vimeo.

This art institute is involved in several other quite unique projects you may enjoy as well:


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