June 8, 2015

Resting up...

from vacation!  You know it's true! It takes a few days to get your land legs back - whether or not you've been on the sea, it matters not. However the way, travel is energizing, exciting, educational, and exhausting!

Aren't the peonies lovely? I rescued the last of them from the heat. It is unseasonably warm here in Seattle. An especially early summer perhaps? While I love the warm, I'll do without the hot, so the weather has my permission to ease up just a bit. Sun, though, you are not dismissed.

I sent myself postcards  Today, Monday,  I received the most recent one, sent from Paris just Thursday morning! 

I am busily organizing photos and stories from our journey to Amsterdam, Paris, and the amazing river cruise down European waters. Eight couples from five states with various Kevin Bacon degrees of separation got to know each other, laughed a lot, ate a lot, walked a lot, and were pampered by a Viking crew and staff and brand new ship. We had a ball. I think I like it better than report cards, my previous normal this time of year. Oh, yes.

I'll post travel memories, mostly through my visual journal and sketches, on the website over the next days and weeks.

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