May 27, 2015

On the Road

In the village of Kelheim, Bavaria

Hello and Oh, my, there you are! I have tried for days to be able to reach you without luck. Seems that, even when other sites could be accessed, Blogger was being belligerent. I did not expect to actually have success here and now I am speechless. Where are all my noteworthy thoughts? my astounding photos? my amusing patter and travel dialogues now that I have an audience? It is a bountiful journey I am on, as I cruise European rivers with close and new friends, a Viking crew that pampers beyond belief, a new ship with - pardon the cliché - breathtaking vistas, and lovely villages. When I return, I will summarize with some sketches I've made along the way. Meanwhile, I have been able to reach Facebook with a few photos if you would like to tune into my adventure. I am a lucky me.

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