February 16, 2015

Colleen McCullough

Wow. Lots of news last week. The first that I wanted to respond to is here….but by the time I was done, lots of others faces in the news.

When first I read Colleen McCullough's obituary, I was offended about the reference to her looks, even before the reaction from others made the news.  To further irritate, was the skimming over of her lifelong talents and skills (she was a neuroscientist, for Pete's sake, and wrote 25 (!) novels).  Also the apparent surprise that she could be witty and warm, despite being "plain" and overweight. Huh???

So glad to see the reaction this obituary by Australia's national newspaper received.  Neil Gaiman said it well: "Although his beard looked like he had glued it on and his hair would have been convincing as a wig, he married a rock star #myobituary.

Meanwhile, I further insulted her by having to write the headline right across her face to cover up an error I couldn't fix. Terrible, unforgiving paper to do watercolor on. Sorry, Colleen.


Joanne Huffman said...

I, too, was pissed off at her obit. I like your take on it.I think you can consider the headline going across her face as a representation of her appearance not being nearly as important as the news of her death.

Claudia said...

Where did the obit run? Would like to read it...

And, Di, I love it that you are posting a lot more stuff lately... always a treat to see what's on your mind!

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