January 1, 2015

A brand new year makes me

I greet each new year with mixed emotions. Especially as my own time on this earth is growing shorter at a pace I can't wrap my head around.  I like the idea of a fresh calendar representing a fresh new year. However, I haven't yet lapped up all the joys of the past year. I'd like to sit on that tuffet for a little longer. But 2015?  Oh, man. Never has The Unknown loomed in my brain as much  as it does now. Even a better reason to enjoy each day as the day that will never come again. Live it. Do something nice. Do something fun. Appreciate.

On a less abstract note, this year I plan to learn Photoshop, French, and World History. Yup. If not now, when?

A Happy Happy Happy New One to you all.


Joanne Huffman said...

Happy New Year. You will love working in Photoshop. Does learning French mean a trip to France or Canada? I'm impressed you're going to master World History.

Diane Moline said...

Oh...did I say master? 😄

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