February 22, 2014

Tool Time

Husband Bob  just cleaned out the kitchen tools drawers. (He's the cook in the family so it was understandably annoying him more than me.) Among the amazingly large pile of Stuff We Don't Ever Use and What Is This For? and Do We Really Need Twelve of These? tools were a few I rescued for a second life in the studio.

Work in progress, playing with my new tools.
So I am putting these on trial. I've set aside a little place for them. I  used some to start a page...Hmmm...I may like that serrated circle edge or interesting potato masher pattern. And the little handle on the ...what-is that-anyway-a-special-salt-or-sugar-thingabobbie?....has a clever pattern for spraying.

The boy in the photo is my great uncle Les who I figure was about 3 at the time. Which makes this photo more than 100 years old.

This was part of a vacuum thingie for wine to keep oxygen out.  We don't have a bottle long enough in our house to make that matter much. :)

Promise. If I don't use them again in the next, oh, couple of months  (I shall put it on the calendar), they will lose their second life. It's just that I cannot resist a Texture Maker or Pattern Producer for the life (much more than second) of me.

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Joanne Huffman said...

I vote for keeping them in the studio, even if you don't use them in a coupe of months. Intriguing textures and fun to know they have a new lease on life.

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