January 22, 2013

Hometown Journeys. Labor of Love.

Label by Mary Ann Moss

I sent my travel journal to Sketchbook Project today. This is the cover. You can see the inside pages on the side and on Flickr. I'm really happy with it and hate to see it go forever. It will be part of the Sketchbook Project library that travels around the country for a year, then it will go into their permanent library in Brooklyn. Someday I will travel there and spend the day looking at dozens of sketchbooks. Meanwhile, i enjoy looking at some on their web site where they digitize them. I was an unhappy camper with my digital version. They took on more than they can chew and needed to make deadline, but they only scanned in one side of the book and skipped the cover entirely. 

My entry for the 2013 Sketchbook Project....had to work doubletime to complete it. I missed last year's deadline so really wanted to make this one!

A few pages: 

The whole shebang on Flickr here.

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