December 27, 2012

Two New Books

Some books
A Kiss Before You Go, a new illustrated sketchbook by Danny Gregory, author of Everyday Matters and An Illustrated Journal, is a book I would recommend to anyone who has lost a spouse or other close person - or will - which includes us all. Here is a review by Roz Stendahl, a fellow sketchbook artist, that says it all.

And, a new book by my lifelong friend, Jeannie Vansickle, is on the shelves. Called The Long Ride Home, it is a raw accounting of Jeannie's trip through the painful process of grief after the sudden death of her husband. I've been there. But even if you haven't yet lost the person closest to you - consider yourself lucky, first, and for now - each of these books reminds us how much we take for granted and, just as the recent sad events also did, how important each normal day is in our lives. And so so easy to take for granted, aren't they?


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