July 21, 2012

Just my type

I'm cleaning up my iPad and deleting apps I rarely use, since I have pretty  much run out of space on my 32G. I knew I would someday.

In doing so, I'm reacquating myself with a few. Like this one.
But you'll have to click these to read them.

I'll probably tuck this one away for awhile, too, since I seldom use it. And, anyway, I can just go to the real one I talk about here...

P.S.  I was and remain a 90+ wpm typist, I like to proudly reveal. Happyface. 

I see some errors in the post below but, as it has magically appeared from the MadMen age, I can't and won't fix them. There's something pure about that, though, don't you think?

You'll have to click me to read me. 


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