August 2, 2009

Unraveling my art

Getting ready for Art Unraveled in Phoenix. Gathering materials, doing some packing. I've had practice for the hot weather this week with Seattle's record 103 midweek. Looking forward to classes by Traci Bautista, Judy Wise, Jane LaFazio, and Jacqueline Sullivan. It will be my last fling before I have to think about getting ready for the school year. I plan to do a lot of art and enjoy. Staying with friends in the area, so even better. My only regret is leaving the beautiful Seattle sumer (this past week a rare exception) to wither in the Arizona heat. I am a heat wimp.

This photo will be made into a stencil for Judy Wise's class. It's been made from favorite photo of mine - my mom in a kindergarten costume. I'm looking forward to creating something magical from it.

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