March 22, 2009

Rose's Red Chair

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Rosie the cat in One Red Chair. I'm testing my new laptop and playing with this picture using Picasa. I don't often use Picasa since it was a Windows program which I only use at school, but my new school laptop led me to Picasa 3 which really does have some cool effects. Course this blog can't be read at school, since anything remotely named "blog" is blocked with the biggest, brightest, orangest screen you ever did see. Really, when you hit a site that's been blocked, you know it for sure and best you beat it immediately. Jiggers, the cops. I have an ongoing conversation with the powers that be about the fact that perfectly reasonable blogs (classroom blogs, professional educational blogs, for example) are automatically blocked in our school district but only at elementary level. Unfortunately, that includes the staff at those sites, too. Of course, as I'm often reminded, I can select to fill out the 3-ply (4-ply?) NCR forms to request unblocked. (There's something innately oxymoronic about NCR forms to unblock a tech site - How about, instead, "Investigate this link, please, and here are the reasons why"?- but that's another story.) I gave up the chase finally. One day they''ll catch up - but hopefully by then I'll be drawing and painting and traveling and reading, my teaching days behind me.

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